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Attention and Being

Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition
Ewing Gallery of Art + Architecture
March 31 - April 10, 2023

Attention        1. n. The act or state of applying intentional thought and care. 2. n. The consideration of needs.

                          3. n. A fundamental state of being. 


Being               1. n. Anything that has existence - human, object, etc. 2. v. to be. 

Attention and being, as defined above, prompt action: to think, to care, to consider, to exist, and to be. All tasks of the individual that directly nurture ourselves and our connective relationships with other people, places and objects that exist alongside us in the world. The work exhibited in Attention and Being seeks to visually record the phenomena of human experience. It is the act of intentional art making that offers the ability to attend to ourselves and further examine our experiences, whether deemed extraordinary or mundane to the observer.


In fact, I have found the act of making is akin to that of meeting needs, creating as a means to meet a need that has been left unmet. The visual records produced from my process-focused way of making exist as trace, line, object, artifact, material, and tool. The resulting free-motion quilted textiles and their corresponding prints are derived from the careful extraction and abstraction of information found within the many contours that delineate the earth, the sky and the recognizable, tangible objects and figures that all exist within the four corners of a photograph. I release control of the process and embrace chance through the physical flow of material as the ink transfers from the fully saturated fibers of the quilt to the fibers of the paper placed below. These types of meaningful interactions are what leave marks on ourselves while simultaneously leaving marks on others.

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