My artwork embraces identity, exploring a sense of self that is created by personal daily experiences. Identity is never constant and is subject to change. Past identities become memories that are recalled through inward and outward reflection. I place importance on the tangible remains left behind of these memories. I create associations with the people and objects that affect identity. As well as focus an importance on the geographical locations that the tangible once occupied.

These associations often become visually represented in my artwork through the radical juxtaposition of objects creating an opportunity to compare and contrast the fundamental nature of each form. The seemingly abstract forms are often expressed by imagery communicating memories of identity. These forms hold a space of permanence for the indelible history.

I develop my ideas through experimentation with the relationships between dissimilar materials such as metal’s cold, shiny surface and the soft, warm texture of fabric. The use of space in my artwork creates a layer that often balances the opposition created between the materials and the forms that they create.